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Off-road Recovery, Millwrighting & More

In Broadway, VA

Winch Dozers, Off-Road Recovery & More

We have the largest inventory of off road and material handling equipment of any towing company around, ranging from a mini excavator to skid steers to winch dozers to dollies. From winching your typical farm tractor out of the mud to recovering a loaded tractor trailer laying on its side with cargo everywhere out of the median during a rainstorm. There’s nothing our team can’t handle when we are on the scene. In most cases we can upright a loaded tractor trailer that the box has been compromised and set on a dolly and get to our storage yard to off load, saving the load.

Millwrighting & More

We do so much more than towing and recovery. Our certified fork lift operators are available for load transfer or to shift a load. We have an air cushion recovery system as well as landing cushions. A gradall and off-road skid-steer with a winch. We have a portable roadway system that comes in handy when a bridge is out or its too wet to cross a yard or there is a hole. These mats can with stand over 35,000 pounds. They give and don’t break. We continuously strive to make our company better; designing and fabricated dollies to assist us in different recoveries when the trailer is damaged. We used our qualified equipment operators and assisted in cellular tower placement all over VA and surrounding states.